Meet Jennifer. Proprietor. Host. Designer. Collector.

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Los Angeles interior designerJennifer Lehr has always loved a good party—and by good she means perfect lighting (candles, roaring fires and amber bulbs), cozy lounge seating, delicious food, sexy music, tasty cocktails and a little abandon filled with people with stories to tell. In Oxford House, she's created her dream space where her love of entertaining, design, textiles and art all come together.

Jennifer started throwing parties young. One of her all-time favorites was her 11th birthday when she turned her family's home into a hotel. "I invited my four best friends," she recalls "and convinced my parents to be the staff.  My Dad wore his tux as the chauffeur while my Mom played concierge. I put fruit baskets in my sister's and my bedrooms with room numbers on the doors, we wore our best dresses for dinner in the 'formal dining room' and at night, I turned down the beds with chocolates. It was so. much. fun." 

She also began designing long before she knew what an interior designer way. Her first property was the treehouse in her backyard that she transformed into a sixties style dress-up salon. Jennifer continues her design work under the Oxford House Design shingle. There's virtually nothing Jennifer enjoys more than hunting for the beautiful and unusual in boutiques, antique stores, flea markets, online sites, garage sales, estate sales— you name it—and pairing her finds with others that makes them all sing in unexpected yet delightful ways.


For Jennifer, there's nothing more life-affirming than  people  coming together to celebrate, share, laugh, honor, learn, support and even mourn. With Oxford House enjoyed creating a magical space where people come to do just that. 

(Jennifer's also a published author who has a love/hate relationship with writing. But that's a story for another site.)

Jennifer in front of Oxford House with her two loves Jules and Hudson.